Pure Two-Rock tradition, combining pristine clean tones with searing, superb leads for the ultimate in hi-fi performance. That’s what sets Coral apart.

  • 100 Watt head or 50 Watt Head or Combo
  • Dual Channel – Clean/OD
  • Independent Reverb Send (drive) and Reverb Return (mix) for both channels
  • Famed TR reverb Send and Return Controls
  • Passive Effects Loop
  • (2) 4 ohm; (2) 8 ohm
  • 12” Celestion G1265 on 50 Watt combo versions
  • Head: 20 5/8″ wide x 12 1/8″ tall x 10 1/2″ deep 45 LBS
  • Combo: 20 5/8″ wide x 22″ tall x 11″ deep 55 LBS
  • Available in black bronco tolex with black grill cloth, or blond tolex and oxblood grill cloth


The Coral builds on the Two-Rock history as a versatile two-channel amp with a shared EQ and a cascading gain structure for professional-level dynamic control, rich harmonic tones and full bass response. Add a classic Two-Rock reverb with an improved signal to noise ratio and post master circuit, along with a versatile EQ section for extensive tonal shaping. Available as a 50W 1×12 combo or 50W head and 100W head, the Coral takes Two-Rock’s amplifier platform to new levels.

– Dual channel amp with shared EQ and cascading gain
– Treble, Middle, Bass EQ controls
– Treble, Middle & Bass boost switches plus EQ shift switch
– Clean Gain & Volume; Overdrive Gain & Volume controls (cascading)
– Presence control
– Bypass and Overdrive foot switch control
– Cathode / Fixed Bias switch